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Handsome teacher is giving a lesson

I'd simply love him to stop our class, make all of my classmates go away and take me on his desk. I imagine how all of the guys are getting out of the room. There are only two of us. He would touch me gently and tell me something like: - Has any...

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- Are you okay? - he asked. - I think so, - I replied. - I start to feel a little bit tipsy. - Me too, - I said. - Maybe it's time to go to my place? - he asked me and gently touched my hand. When we came to his home place, we were both a bit dru...

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Stranger in the toilet room

At one moment I had to go to the toilet and back then I didn’t even think about the consequences of this simple action. You know, the point is that I met someone there. Even today, thinking back about the situation, I'm not sure whether he really ...

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The night of soccer

We were at home watching football and thinking about nothing else except our favorite team’s victory. Suddenly I felt my lover’s hand getting into my pants. I was surprised and pleased at the same time. He touched my dick with a gentle move and st...

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My Birthday party

He asked one of his friends to come to our place and hide in our bedroom. When I came home after work, I've seen everything he prepared for me - cake, candles and a lovely birthday dinner, but the most interesting part still was about to happen. W...

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Turn on your favorite movie

We like watching softcore movies demonstrating the great art of passion. There are so many stories there always leading to gentle sex. Though sometimes we choose to watch hard stuff and enjoy watching different hardcore movies. These clips add som...

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It was a rainy day, so both of us were rather sad. I can’t remember the first things we said to each other. It was something about the weather, I suppose. He told me lots of interesting stuff about all the seasons in Manchester. He was so smart an...

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Handsome stranger in Madrid

It was a lovely evening, calm and warm, not like most October evenings that you would usually imagine. I was sitting in a gay bar, finishing my glass of Rioja. Suddenly a stranger stopped by, he looked at me and I felt this fire in his eyes that h...

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